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IIDAS® Controllers
Tip Alarms
VE-103DA Vending Security System

Alarm system features an adjustable impact/abuse sensor, and a door contact switch, to protect vending machines against excessive abuse, severe impact, abrupt rocking, unauthorized intrusion and theft. Alarm is reset and activated by the door contact switch. Effective, versatile and inexpensive.

Price: $80.00 Info
MX-10, MX-15, MX-25, MX-45 Tip Maxi Alarms
Tip Maxi Alarm Systems will activate an audible siren whenever the protected equipment is tilted, in any direction, beyond the degree (10º, 15º, 25º, or 45º) indicated on the tip module, or is being shaken or rocked. The siren will stop when the equipment is returned to a level position, or when the rocking or shaking stops.
Price: $44.00 Info

NEW!  WatchLock™ ("The Reporting Lock") is a high-security padlock offering real-time SMS and email reporting, GPS monitoring and tracking capabilities, plus geo-fencing.  The lock will protect and monitor any site, position or object requiring effective security protection.  WatchLock™ will report every locking and unlocking event, closely supervise valuables wherever they might be located, and ensure peace of mind.  WatchLock™ is fully autonomous, does not require an external power supply, and operates in all weather conditions.  WatchLock™ is easy-to-use, reliable and cost effective.  WatchLock™ is configurable and scalable.



1.     BRW’s Integrated Impact Detection Alarm System, IIDAS® (Eye-Des), can reduce equipment damage and related expenses and loss of revenue caused by:

  • excessive abuse,
  • vandalism,
  • severe impact,
  • tampering
  • forcible entry,
  • unauthorized intrusion, and
  • theft.;

2.     IIDAS® may decrease insurance premiums because enhancing security protection for point-of-sale (POS) and publicly accessible equipment can result in discounts on property insurance rates;

3.     IIDAS® security systems protect all types of point-of-sale and publicly accessible equipment, including:

  • vending machines,
  • coin amusement & video games,
  • debit/smart/calling card machines,
  • automated ITVMs (ticket machines),
  • self-service ATMs and kiosks,
  • currency & coin changer machines,
  • lottery pull-tab & scratch-off ticket machines;

4.     IIDAS® security controllers feature:

  • a precision designed and adjustable impact/abuse sensor,
  • an integrated circuit that will activate audible, visible or silent alarms, and will interface with IP and CCTV cameras or other peripheral devices,
  • an external trigger input with the capacity to monitor coin compartment or service doors, and sound an alarm if an unauthorized intruder opens any protected access door;

5.     IIDAS® controllers and security systems may be customized by:

  • varying the duration of the alarm output signal,
  • modifying the sensitivity of the impact/abuse sensor,
  • adding a relay output signal,
  • adding a tip function to the impact/abuse and intrusion protection of any IIDAS® security system,
  • utilizing alternate power sources, and
  • substituting alarm system components;

6.     IIDAS® controllers can operate with power sources ranging from 5VDC (TTL) to 15VDC;

7.     IIDAS® controllers are designed for years of reliable service, and each is encapsulated to withstand severe environmental conditions.



BRW also offers tip alarms and medium-security locks and high-security locks for additional dimensions of security protection. 

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BRW Control Systems is dedicated to providing reliable, versatile and inexpensive electronic security systems for all types of point-of-sale and publicly accessible equipment.

Since 1990, BRW’s unique alarm systems have provided exceptional quality and state-of-the-art design for its’ customers.

Custom applications for OEMs are available.  BRW is happy to provide prospective customers with price quotes for any of its’ products.

Inquiries from prospective customers and distributors concerning technical and installation issues, or new security applications, are welcome.

Ongoing research and development by the company’s engineers will ensure continued improvement of the IIDAS® security systems and accessories offered by BRW, and result in new products with enhanced asset protection for all types of point-of-sale (POS) and publicly accessible equipment.



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